The purpose of PMS Guidance is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program addressing the academic, career, personal, and social development of ALL students.  In partnership with educators, parents, and community members, the program is designed to facilitate a support system to ensure students are prepared with the knowledge and skills to contribute at the highest levels of society.  We strive to ensure that each student is provided opportunities to develop personally and socially by understanding themselves and others so that they develop their full academic potential for a successful future.


The middle school years are very formative years for your children.  They are growing from childhood to young adults.  Many things are changing in their lives.  They are facing new challenges and issues everyday.  As their guidance counselor, I am here to help them sort through these issues and to offer someone to talk to about the issues, good and not so good that they face each day.  Today's youth are bright, strong, strong-willed, inquisitive, and our future.  Together we can guide them along the path that they should follow so that they will lead successful lives.